New shop4tech coupon code + Google checkout

The new shop4tech 10% off coupon code is Turkey10, good through November 24.

Also, while poking around at yesterday, I saw that the Google Checkout $10 off $30 purchase still works there–here’s the link.

the S4T $10 off 30 via G-checkout isd back too
This is a 15% coupon
but acts weird works on some items and not others
I don’t know the limitations
try it may work on your item
if not use the turkey code

I noticed CB15 works on HD enclosures, but not media.

You’re right, I just tried to get some TY media using this code and it wouldn’t work, however turkey10 works.

And what kills me is if I order a $30 pack of 100 TY it comes out to $17. But for two it comes out to $47. So you can save $30 by ordering one at a time. Too bad for Shop4Tech, their shipping costs are going to be horrible.

Sorry I meant $13 saved. For some reason I cannot edit the post?

How can thier shipping costs be horrible? most items they ship for free

“THEIR” shipping costs, not yours.

$17 delivered for 100 TY was a deal too good to pass up. Make sure you use Goggle checkout, and it will return to Shop4tech where you can put in the coupon.

What is the deal with google checkout.

I used it a few weeks ago for the -$10 can it be used again from the same company??

I used it 2X at CD Universe with no problems.

Which TY media did you get? What was the base price for 100 discs? I’m looking for some DVD+Rs. If someone can provide a direct link, that would be awesome. Thanks.

TY -R 8X value
That’s the ones that are $17 per 100 after discount. They are fairly good media for a lot of burners.
As for +R, not any real good deals unless you can use the 16X Optodisc, which will burn well in some burners.

The problem with the 8x DVD-R Valueline Taiyo Yuden is that you may get TYG02 (which is good), or you may get TYG03, which is acceptable, but definitely not as good as the TYG02. On my last order for $17 (about two weeks ago), I received the TYG03.

The OptodiscR16, 16x, DVD+R media works extremely well in my Pioneer111 and my Samsung 182M.

I used it 5X at shop4tech last month. I felt bad for their shipping as well so I made sure and bundled the orders in 2 days so they could ship together.

A [I]very[/I] good deal. My best buy was a Pioneer for about $25 delivered.

man…i thought google check out was supposed to kick you back to s4t for putting in that coupon…but i didnt work for me! :frowning:

There is a place to enter your code when you get to Google Review and Place Order, (Enter a coupon, promotion code, or gift certificate…). At least there was for me. Easy to overlook though.

Actually, if you place more than one order on the same day, or over the same weekend, they’ll ship them all together in the same box. Last month I placed three orders in one day, I got 10% + $10 off each order and they all arrived in one box, with three separate packing slips. :slight_smile:


When I use google checkout there is no place to put the S4T code.
When I ues the S4T checkout there is no google button (unless it’s on the next screen, but it implies by clicking “next” you order is complete.

(Edit) I decided to be a dare devil and clicked “next”. It didn’t complete the order. There WAS a place to enter the S4T code. :slight_smile:

Not always.
My experience with them was totally different.
I placed 2 orders on one single day.
They sent me first order okay…but much slower shipping than Rima and other CA based company (about 2hour drive from my home).
However the second order I placed on that exactly same day at same evening hour was totally fogotten about it or maybe they ignored it purposely :rolleyes:
Waited for two weeks and contacted them about my order since I had a copy of order confirmation, they finally sent me.

Another thing about this google checkout. It is almost impossible to track your order and it is really slow…I got the order shipped confirmation and track info email day after I received my order from carrier, funny isn’t it? :bigsmile: