New Shell for DVD2one Almost Completed

Well awhile ago there was a request for a shell that combined DVD Decryptor & DVD2one together so that it would be easier to rip dvd’s without having to switch between programs. I stopped creating the shell when Others started on a shell and they seemed quite a bit further along then I was. Well I noticed a few days ago that they were not even building that kind of shell so I continued on. My shell should be completed within the next week. Ya i know, a week is quite a long time, but It does a little bit more then just DVD Decrypting and Compressing with DVD2one. It virtualy makes DVD Decrypting ,Compressing (With either DVD2one or InstantCopy), Burning Fully automated. You the only thing you have to do is Select What you want to keep. (if your using the Instant Copy Options, Compression, extra’s compression/or removal, audio, Menu compression etcetc). If used with DVD2One, you dont do anything. (Yes the Option to extract the Vobs from IC’s file is there “Thanks to schlaufer for giving out his extractor source code along with his PDIExtract tool”. This tool Supports the AutoBurn via both InstantCopy, And CopyToDVD and also has nero Support.

Small nfo on execution

Load Up Shell
Point to DVDDecryptor Directory
Point to DVD2One Directory
Select a Folder you want the Decrypted DVD’s to go to.
Select a Folder you want DVD2One Files to go to.
Select a Folder you want IC files to go to.
(the shell creates New folders for Each Ripped and compressed DVD itself)
Choose Burning software you want to use
Choose all your options for burners / compressers via shell.

and just hit start.

once u get it fine tuned you will never have to change a setting, just load it up and go, it will do the rest for you automaticaly.

There is also a DVD Burning Engine being built, but will not be included in the first release, or untill it is completely stable. I have made 5/9 coasters with it. But i will perfect it.

I posted this here, just so you all would know that it is comming.

Also, it doesnt matter if DVD2one, instantcopy or any of the other software that can be used via the shell upgrades or releases a totaly new version. The shell has been designed around easy update.

Anyways Later…

Sounds good m8, I look forward to trying it. :wink:


I’ve been working on one too… it’s planned to use DVD2one and does full disc backups – is that similar to yours? Sounds like you’re pretty far along. I may hold off until I see what yours looks like.


This is what I have been looking for. I dont care for extras. Thats why i use dvd2one. will I be able to selct the audio & subtitle streams? I dont want to keep all the streams when transcoding.