New SH-W162C vers. TS11



unable to copy with CD-R blue disc-System Hang-Up during runnig MagicSpeed.


firmware -

bye all




Thanks, energy1959!


I think the changelog infos are from the TS10 release.
Maybe someone with Korean Language capabilities can translate the infos from the Korean Page.


4x recording error improved.

Here’s SH-W162L_TS03.bin:


Verbatim 16x MCC004 MII burnt 16x Samsung SH-W162C FW TS11

I’m very satisfied.


Downloading… Thanks! :wink:


Nice consistent results now with this media (Philips branded) compared to my mfg suggestion thread posting of TS10. Quality score is lower but the consistency of the error levels is much improved. Still the best results of any drive I have tested yet with this media, better than PX-716A 1.09, 4163B A106, 4167B DL13 and DW1655 BCDB. Putting the big boys to shame…


Offical Info From Samsung regarding Firmware TS11:

“It is improved quality of DVD-R disc.”