New SH-202N won't read any CDs!

Hey everyone, I just bought an SH-202N to replace my agining NEC DVD burner that has been getting progressively louder and slower and is probably on it’s last legs.

I installed the drive and Windows recognized it correctly, however it will not read any discs. E.g. I insert a CD or DVD in the drive, the little light will blink, but I never hear any spin up and the disc is not displayed in explorer. It acts like I didn’t put anything in.

I put the old NEC drive back in and it worked fine (well at least as well as it had been).

Is it likely the Samsung drive is just broken?

I have never installed Alcohol, Deamon tools or any other drive emulator. I did have Iso Recorder installed at one point, but it’s been uninstalled for a while now. Do you think that could be a problem? But if this was a software issue, why would the NEC still read discs fine?

Well I returned the Samsung drive and got a Pioneer DVR-1910LS (which is just a rebadged Asus DRW-2014L1) and it reads discs fine. So I’m assuming the Samsung drive was indeed broken.