New senior moderators and forum assignments

Maybe you’ve already seen it, we have two new senior moderators: Albert and olyteddy! Besides that, also more forums now have moderators assigned.

We’re doing this to make sure more forums are covered and to make room for new moderators in the future!

Congrats to Albert and Olyteddy :clap:

Way to go, congrats guys.

[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2653274]Congrats to [B][COLOR=blue]Albert [/COLOR][/B]and [B][COLOR=blue]Olyteddy [/COLOR][/B]:clap:[/QUOTE]

[I]ps still waiting for the hug smiliys:flower:[/I]

[B]Congratulations Albert and olyteddy![/B]:clap:

In Senior Moderator blue! :slight_smile:


That’s great guys you both deserve it,CONGRATES

Congratulations! :flower:

Yo Albie and Teddy-

From Puke [B]GREEN[/B] to Royal [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”][B]BLUE[/B][/COLOR] = congradulations-eh yahosers!!

Thanks, folks. :flower:

Two more men in Blue. :bigsmile:


^^ Yeah, that. Thanks gang.

Congrats Guys.( The message is too short) Hell I don’t know 20 characters.

[QUOTE=G_Ivan Awfulitch;2653452]Hell I don’t know 20 characters.[/QUOTE] There are quite a few characters on these forums! :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2653456]There are quite a few characters on these forums! :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Hahahaha! I agree :bigsmile:

Congrats to Albert and Olyteddy, you guys look very swanky in blue :flower:

Time for me to jump in & give the congrats to Albert and Olyteddy .

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2653456]There are quite a few characters on these forums! :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]
And to the characters too.

Characters What Characters