New Senate Broadcast Flag Bill would freeze Fair Use

I just posted the article New Senate Broadcast Flag Bill would freeze Fair Use.

DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us about this EFF article
which helps us to understand the implications of a proposed legislation
that threatens Fair Use as we have come to know…

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The MPAA has a VERY short memory. The VCR has made them MILLIONS and they are stupid enough to want to squash future innovations. What a bunch of morons. It not the amount of file sharing on the internet that’s killing their profits it’s the crap that continues to ooze out of Hollywood.

US citizens, please WRITE YOUR SENATOR

Am I allowed to go to the bathroom while watching your movies or will you electrocute my penis for trying ?
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I followed your link and made my comments and submitted. It was not accepted because I’m from Colorado…WTF?

Just what the tech industry needs - its own answer to the FDA. Only this time it has nothing to do with health, safety, or public good (but you still get to wait years for new products).

YES, Write your Senator, and while you are at it make sure to tell them you would like them to ban all political contributions by lobbyists. The RIAA and MPAA have spent millions on buying political influence to restrict our rights. It takes a lot of letters to compete with that!

@Paul hey man, we have to follow a different link that is on the page that is posted by Wes and also in the quote box. [I]If you’re in the states below, your senator is on the Senate Commerce Committee. Let him or her know that these flags would mark a new era of Hollywood’s control of the home and of our digital networks. You have a senator on the committee if you are a resident of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Massachussetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, South, Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, or West Virginia.[/I] Our Senator is not on the committee. But, Salazar is a good man and thinks on his own! So use the other link and tell him your pissed!!! I already did. Dan
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@Drum - We Americans cannot ask for a ban on lobbying as it is a constitutional right to “petition the government”. Right now, the corruption is so rampant, that this was suggested and this is how I found out that lobbying is perfectly legal. Only thing illegal is a tit for tat “deal”. E.g. Cash payment for a specific favor and it has to be proven. Very tough to do. Unless sombody cuts a deal to save their own ass like Jack Abramoff is right now.
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Seems they have found the answer to home recording of programs of any kind. If they get this into law, then expect large price increases.

Wow, that “write to your senator” link couldn’t be any easier! That’s great. :slight_smile: I just did it for Montana.

I think the RIAA/MPAA are afraid that the world will live happily without them, ergo the desire to keep us chained to their whims. Good point about the VCR benefitting the MPAA, and by extention DAPs have benefitted the RIAA. They should know by now not to interfere with progress when they can get their share from it.

I would never suggest banning lobbying, just any political contributions or gifts of any kind. Even the lobbyists are for this, they are tired of being taken to the cleaners by these criminals. Why is it okay for Senators and Congressmen to accept gifts when Government employes can’t accept any gifts or even a meal. Easy, they exempt themselves from many laws they impose on everyone else. Corruption at it’s finest! They will change the “rules” till things calm down, then it will be business as usual. There currently isn’t even an ethics committee(which is a joke anyway) because Delay didn’t want them after him anymore.