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There is a new version of SECUROM protection on
Infogrames products. The first product released with this updated protection is Vrally 2 Expert…

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give it a few days and a new version of Clone CD will be out to fix this problem. Do you these people ever think they will win!



Yep, power 2 CloneCD!


Until then you can at least run it from an image mounted to DAEMON Tools’ virtual PHANTOM CDROM!!
The Securom emulation of DAEMON Tools fails, of course, so you cannot run a copied CD. But the virtual CDROM works great!


Give it a few days.
You know what will happen :slight_smile:

Just goda love in-Securom.


No not days, it has been broken within a few hours!



As I remember, there was a guy who invented a mechanism in that by detecting the response time from reading a proteced sector in CD-ROM will easily distinguish a real cd or a cloned cd. I GUESS the new securom mechanism may be similiar to his invention…


I wonder if Ollie from EB is reading this or doing anything about it, who knows? maybe he is in holiday!
but then again he always updates the serials so he must be reading some.


CloneCD is gonna be updated soon…

Olli is God…


I sure hope so…


I`ve got no problems copying
v-rally2 with blind-read3023
and a teac cdr55s!!