New Securom Kills Blindwrite Backups

I have a backup made of my NOLF 2.

I made it with blindwrite

and updated it to 1.1 fine it still loads…

Updated it to 1.2 now


here is the new securom Version:

Looks like we are back at square 1?

Reminds me of when u need to use AWS for burners that lack EFM encoding.
The off the cd copy will work but any patches will stop working.

Developers apply these updates with the updated protection to do just this.
Shows that we aren’t making 100% 1:1 copies.
But that system of backing up won’t work forever unfortunately :frowning:

Hehe thats why I dont update games anymore … :smiley: :smiley:
Maybe stupid but with all these uncopyable protections nowadays one is foolish I believe to update and thus making his or her copy not work anymore !

If ppl say that the update does not affect my copy , then I will update !
Maybe smart suggestion for some peeps !

Greets !

Nothing of a technical nature in this thread guys. So, before spath has a fit ;), I’m moving it to the blindwrite sub-forum.

If there are any posts of a technical nature subsequently, I can always shift it back.

didn’t a certain emulation software developer predict this would happen? :bigsmile:

Except we still don’t know if the twinpeak method proposed by blackcheck still works or not in 4.84

Dazog mentionned he used BlindWrite…

hi Guys,

of course we will take a look.
at least this morning while I was testing the upcoming 4.2.5 bw I updated my unreal to the latest version available ( patch downloaded today ) and it works.

but we will check with the title mentionned.

any extra information is welcome… as usual… by email to to provide faster process.

I noticed BW 4.2.4 only inserts twin sectors in the first (of 4) range of high density zones on the cd.
Securom titles used to check only the first zone, maybe they updated the protection to check the other zones.
By only inserting twin sectors in the first range, it’s easy for the protection to detect copies.

The new code could also check the TOC as after writeing twin sectors the TOC is totally screwed.
cheers :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hmmmm :frowning: Just installed me the second civ3 : PTW patch !

And boy do I hope BW 2.4.5 beats this new one !
SecuROM - 4.84.00 0017 --> according to yates’s analyser ! :frowning: :frowning:

Looks like them peeps at sony discovered we beaten their securom, and now they are rushing patches all over the place !

Well can someone verify is BW does or doesnt do this new version !


@lapinou : Hi, I also have patched UT2k3 to the latest but isnt this patch almost a month old ? thus never ever gonna be ?? I think its still or even

That would be the reason why blindwrite works with ut2k3 patched ?
Or there could just be a new patch out which I havent found yet ?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I am curious about it working in Twinpeaks though ?!

Hmmmm just my two cents ! :smiley:


The new code could also check the TOC as after writeing twin sectors the TOC is totally screwed.

nonsense. secrom already checks the toc. inserting twinsectors
does not modify the toc at all.

no, the version 4.2.5 will not bring news about new new securom.

but we will take a look at later.

After a Few more tries and reboots

It now works?

It loads now

Very ODD.

Maybe it blacklisted the old version of Blindwrite?

Since I have upgraded to the latest RC of 4.2.5

and tried it again.

BTW, with GameJack there is no problem at all with Securom 4.84.00 :smiley: