NEW Securom 7



I was looking in the aray forums and discovered that there is a new securom 7 out now.

The game posted their is called War Chess. I looked on google and it looks like the game is only sold in germany. The only place I could find where it’s available is at this site.

I don’t know if they ship to the USA since I can’t read German. I’d also like to find out how much it costs(euro conversion,shipping,taxes,etc.) and hopefully (if cost isn’t too prohibitive) discover if it can be burned by my plextor premium.

If anybody can read german and find out, i’d appreciate it.


Hmm why did Sony miss out V.6? maybe they cant count :smiley:



i found this info for the ps2

i can read german but there is no say of export they have a contact button so i asked them this question:

ich habbe eine frage über das spiel War Chess:
Ich lebe in America und kann das spiel hier nicht finden. Können sie mir einen web link oder informazion sicken wo ich das spiel finden kann?

hehehehe maybe they’ll reply but i won’t know till i get home coz i gave them my home email and i can’t access it from work, coz personal and web mail is blocked at my job


Thanks for the help. :iagree:

I’ll check back here later tonight and see if anything develops.


lol @ virus hack look at there car sound systems as well and you will see how retarded they are. lol


Maybe they were devloping SecuROM 6, then the versions built up, and they had added more than was intended, therefore v7 was born.

Lets see how easy this is to copy… Anyone know if theyve fucked the Plex Prem method yet?


Yeah pos mether, also TwinPeaks?



Thats what I’m trying to find out.

Hopefully nymac11 recieves a reply from the place that sells the title.


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I looked at and the game is their too. Unfortunately they only ship music, books, and DVD’s to USA. Video games are only shipped in continental europe. If amazon doesn’t ship games here I doubt anybody else does.

To Merther02:

If your interested, maybe you could get it and see if you can beat the protection. I’m pretty sure they can ship it to the UK.


Iv found a singal copy on the UK ebay and Im willing to get it just for the shear hell of a back-up (yeah im mad) Il watch the acution and as long as it dont get to pricey il get it.



Thats cool.

 Are going to use twinpeaks or the plextor premium?


TwinPeaks as I dont have Plex to play with



Are Virushack and Ianangel the same persons?

I checked out the UK ebay site and it seems somebody named ianangel placed a bid on Warchess.


No thats not me and I cant really afford it atm sorry :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t think Plextor Premium is useful for SecuROM anymore as most titles are now being shipped on DVD.

@Shitna Shut up.


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