New security device to prevent CD and DVD theft

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Our friends from the entertaiment industry do not only suffer from digital copies and file sharing networks, but another way of theft is the physical theft from their products in stores. The Tag…

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Hey they are ill I think. Next step: If your RedTag Protected pc monitor shows illegal content it explodes, and you sitting in front of it are screwed. haha Gräfdig

lol :4 yep the next thing will be a car. If you speed then the ejector seat fires you out the sunroof.

Ok this is the dumbest thing I ever heard. This is just like in movies where if the slave tries to run away the owner kills the slave. Either way the owner doesn’t have a slave to do work for it anymore. Just like the CD. If I steal the CD I have it and they’re mad because they can’t sell it anymore. But if the CD blows up when I try to sell it, the company is still out of the money. Either way they don’t have the CD.

But who want to steal something that is not even usable? … If this tag react to a radio signal by a short range transmitter, imagine the amount of damage you could do by walking in the store, broadcasting the proper data signal… :d

if you steal the product and it breaks, the store is not out of money, you are, since you will be caught and have to pay for it, along with court fees, getting your name in the paper and such. what i want to know is if the tag is inside the box, what happens to the employee that doesn’t know how to disable it properly? what if that person breaks like 5 - 10 copies before he/she gets it right? then i guess the store will lose money that way.

This kind of protection I don’t wish shoplifters the best of luck because physically taking it is stealing unlike just copying something which is not. Since this is a protection to prevent physically taking, I wish it well. If it was protection to protect from copying, I would wish it to fail. Once again copying a disc is not stealing, but physically taking the disc from the store is. Stealing is a physical thing not intellectual thing.

UofM3000, it IS stealing when you copy stuff. If you copy a software product, you are stealing the income they would have got had you bought the item. If someone spent 100 million making a movie and everyone copied it instead of buying it, the company wouldn’t be able to get their costs back and would go broke. Wouldn’t you say that those people have stolen money (the money they would have paid had they bought the movie)that rightfully belongs to the movie maker? The idea behind this red tag idea is to discourage stealing, not preventing the stuff from leaving the store. I think this is a good idea.

I really think the prices for CD/DVD’s will increase to offset the techonology implemention. The retailers will pay and the lowly thief will pay. But then if any thief had a brain then they wouldn’t even try considering the utlimate cost if caught.

maybe the thief will download it, and the only winner will be Maxtor Drives for storing it.

Copying your own stuff for backup isn’t illegal is it?

That was rhetorical question by the way. It was meant to be a statement. I’m just saying, It’s not illegal to back up your own stuff.

Ok this is the dumbest thing I ever heard. This is just like in movies where if the slave tries to run away the owner kills the slave. Either way the owner doesn’t have a slave to do work for it anymore.
It isn’t such a strange approach. Clothing stores have been using a similar system for years. When you walk out of the store with (for example) a leather jacket without paying, the electronic lock will cause a ink cartridge to open and spill all over the jacket. It’s useless afterwards. It’s not a bad method, it certainly makes trying to steal something less attractive to people.

Why walk in? This gives a new meaning to “drive by shooting.”