New scan



is this ok?


No it’s not. PIE should not exceed the 280 line. What media did you use and at which speed did you burn it?

Ps. The ALT+PRINTSCREEN button will only grab the current Window. That will make your image smaller :wink:


Ok thank for the info
I’m using Fujifilm DVD+R 8X
made by taiyo yuden


Which firmware does your PX-716A have installed? I am using Fuji Taiyo Yuden discs myself as well and they work excellent at 8X and 12X. Your Plextor drive should be performing a lot better than the scan you posted.


another one
on the same disc


and by the way
y i can’t use dvdinfo pro and do the scanning?


DVDInfo Pro only tells you who manufactured your media, you can’t use that to perform PI/PO tests with. The only software that can perform these tests using Plextor drives are PlexTools and PxScan/PxView. stomper82, at which speeds did you burn that disc? The results are horrible.


i select 16x
but i thought that powerrec will auto adjust the burning speed?


just now i use autostrategy to test the media
it tell me to use 8X for good result
12 x will not produce good result


In theory PoweRec should prevent the bad burns you’re getting but clearly it has failed in your case. If I were you I wouldn’t burn those discs at anything higher than 8X. If you can please post a scan of a disc burned at 8X. That’s the only advise I can give you that will most likely improve your burns. Sorry!


i burn the disc at 8 x
here are the scan