New scan with different program - how is this one?



is this a good one? spikes at end??? what do they tell?


Good burn…@ 16X?


Those spikes tell you that while your overall burn is superb, at the end it is only excellent :wink: All single digit PIE is really good (or an error of the scan routine/program). The PIF values are absolutely ok, esp as they are great overall and still good at the end. As long as PIE does not exceed 280 for a bigger part of the disc and PIF exceeds 8 only in few spikes - and you have NO PO Failures of course - you can consider that a very good burn. So PIE<280 and POF==0 please - about PIF I had to guess, there was some number flying aroung (6? 8?) but single digit PIFs at a few positions only are pretty good IMO.

Well, most media gets worse at the end … try to write and scan a full disc. If you see PIE/PIF going up at the end, thats normal for your type of media.

Like above: What speed did you write that disc with? Just curious.


Nothing to worry about. But you should better try with more data burned. In this case you can only see the media’s/burner’s performance until the 4GB of data written. Try to write filling the whole disc of data (4.3GB) to see the results.


don’t know what speed used in burning. used xcopyxpress. what speed does it use?


If the drive got quite “loud” (not really loud, but revving high), I think the program will have used the BenQs maximum speed for that media. For your media (YUDEN000 T02) in the B7T9 firmware, it is 16x - so if it was burnt with 16x the result is excellent if that media is 8x.

I dont know the program, somewhere in preferences or options or so there should be an entry for the drive speed to use.

If you are interested, look in the table ala42 posted on and search for your media. You see the supported speeds there. Nero for example always selects highest possible speed the BenQ tells it as a default. I do not really like that behaviour, I would prefer to get the default (i.e. certified) speed as a default and be able to choose a higher one myself, but some ppl say burning at higher speeds does not make their results worse, some say even better, so the BenQ recommendations appear quite reliable.

EDIT: I see you have P9 like me, well cannot tell you - maybe you should search this forum for such a table for P9 - or ask ala42 / post in that media thread.