New SATA Lite-On Drives, need installation help!

Hey all, Merry Christmas! Two of my X-mas presents this year were the brand new Lite-On DVD SATA drives. One, a DVD±R/RW (SH-16A7S-05); the other a DVD-ROM drive (SHC-52S7K-05). These are my first SATA optical drives I’m dealing w/, and am in unfamiliar territory. So I’m wondering if anyone can help me w/ my current problem.

Here is a back view image of how both drives appear:

I noticed they do NOT have the typical 4-pin power outlet on the back, but instead have a “SATA connector” and “SATA power connector ports.” My MoBo, A8N-SLI Premium, came w/ two “Serial ATA power cables with dual plugs” that appear similar to this image ( ).

My questions are: is this the correct cable(s) to hook up both drives? If so, would I use one, or both to connect them? Also, if I were to use just one, would it matter where I hooked up the 4-pin power cable? I noticed there is a power cable coming out from my 7800GT graphics card. Would I plug it here or would that lag or burn out the graphics card?


Hi & welcome, :slight_smile:

If your PC’s Power Supply Unit doesn’t provide any SATA connectors, you can use the adapter cable shown to connect your two new SATA drives. However, do NOT connect it to your graphics card, but hook up the male 4-pin connector of the adapter cable to a female 4-pin connector coming directly from the power supply.

Wow, I’m a nub. I didn’t realize the 2nd SATA power cable was male (it was still in the wrapping and didn’t bother to check at first) and was able to successfully hook both up using one of the two 4-pin power cables my old IDE drives were in. Well, after plugging them in, they work like a charm! - so far…

Thanks for the fast response.

Merry x-mas! Happy Holidays!