New SATA DVD Writer (UK)



Hi all, my first post here.

I’m looking to upgrade my long-servig LG-GSA4163B drive with a SATA replacement.

I’m not bothered about Lightscribe or anything like that, I need a fast, reliable drive that will read and write all the formats (including DVD-RAM and DVD DL). I understand most drives these days do anyway.

Anyway, I’m just finding it difficult to sift through a mind-boggling number of drives and models on the market today, and was wondering if someone would be able to recommend a good and recent one (SATA) - and relatively easily available to buy in the UK.

Thanks in advance.



Heya Vlad,

Did a quick search in Toms Hardware and a few other sites, while there are a few SATA dvd drives available there seems to be no significant improvement in drive performance, in fact in some tests there is a drop in performance.

Even though the article is from late 2004 it’s still fairly applicable.

This is mostly due to the fact that the drives themselves can only read/write at a speed lower than the data can get to/from the drive.

I guess the one advantage is neater cabling though.

The article with benchmarks is here:

And some drives that have SATA:
Plextor PX-716SA (probably nexer models avail, check Plextors website)

One of the best performance IDE DVD Drive: Pioneer DVR-111D

Also I have heard of Windows XP having trouble with SATA, you may want to check if this is still the case.

hope this helps.



I just brought 2 nec 7170s sata for my dell 9150 if your in the uk go to I got excellent service from them price is good to.

Also with these drives you can make them rpc 1 (region free) if you want

Don’t forget if you buy the oem version to get sata cables and sata power cables when you place the order.




from 2004 we never even had sata drives in those days so how can you tell?

I had no problems running my 2 new NEC sata drives on windows xp



I like the LG GSA-H3x series, the H30N is a very good SATA RAM burner.


November 2002 Seagate released the first SATA hard drive to the market. DVD SATA drives followed a couple of years later.

I guess the problems I had read about with XP have been resolved a long time ago.


I have a LiteOn SH-16A7S and its my first SATA DVD drive, and I must say not having to watch the buffer fly all over the place is a bonus. That an obvious benefit to SATA over IDE. Plus it’s hotswappable, and any other SATA feature you can think of, ie. the cabling like someone mentioned. I wouldnt get another IDE DVD burner if I’ll always have the choice of SATA, just like I wouldn’t get a IDE hard drive.


What problems are you talking about? I gathered the first SATA drive on the market, there was never a problem for Intel customers.


First welcome to CDFreaks forum;

It is very hard question to answer since some of us who not living in UK we do not know what is available there as far as SATA compatible drive concern. If you find Samsung or BenQ, NEC that are SATA drive then you can rest assured that drive is OK.


Is that a joke? Of course here is everything available and every major brand has at least one SATA writer. If the drive does work for you does not depend on Samsung or BenQ, NEC! First make sure your chipset has no problem with the drive you ant to use.