New Samsung SH-S202 Burner - System rebooting

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung DVD WRITER SHS202. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I just replaced my CD drive with a Samsung SH-S202N combo CD/DVD burner. I can see it in device manager, it’s seen in the BIOS, I installed the Nero software that came with it, etc. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with an 80 gig HD (plenty of room left on that) and 1gig of RAM.

Intermittently, when you put in a DVD or CD, the system reboots. I have tried MANY different combinations to see if I can get some consistency as the when it happens, but it is very inconsistent. I’ve tried the following scenarios to see if I can get a pattern:

Put in a blank CD
Put in a CD with data on it
Put in a blank DVD
Put in a DVD with a movie on it
I’ve burned some songs onto a CD

Sometimes I’ve booted the system up with the paticular media in the drive and sometimes I haven’t - doesn’t seem to change the results… the system reboots about 30% of the time when you load media in the tray regardless of the media type. I ran the Dell diagnostic disc - no help. I’m running XP with service pack 3 and all updates current. I went to the Toshiba site and downloaded the latest drivers (which appeared to come on it anyway).

I’m running out of ideas here… I tried the Dell website, but they say it’s a software problem and wanted to pass me off to some “pay for service” group so I thought I’d try you folks.

Any ideas I can try?

Did you uninstall the old drive in the device manager before installing the new one? If not uninstall the new one in the device manager and reboot.

I did not think to uninstall the old one before I put the new one in. I have gone to device manager, unistalled the new drive and rebooted just now. I will try some more testing and see if this has made a difference. Thanks for the info and I will post what I find.



Uninstalled in device manager and rebooted - same issue remains. I put in a burned CD with music and ran fine. Took it out, put in a CD with just some pictures on it - rebooted the computer and wouldn’t start windows normally until I removed it. Same thing happened with a movie DVD.

Incidently, I flattened this machine and rebuilt windows about a month ago, so it has a clean O/S.

Any other ideas?

Did you check your jumper settings? Are they they same as the drive you replaced?

It came jumpered to the far right - Master. That’s the way I put it in initially. Then, after doing more research, I strapped it to the far left (cable select) like the CD drive that was in there prior - no change. So I’ve moved it back to master (the way it came) based on the way my machine appears to be cabled. I have two cables leaving the motherboard - one goes to the HD and the other goes to this new DVD drive. According to the instructions on the Samsung website, my cable arrangement calls for the drive to be jumpered as master. That’s where it was when I deleted it in device manager and reloaded too.

Have you tried a new cable? 80 wire of course.

No, it has the stock ribbon cable that the machine came with. It does have another connector on it that I would assume would be for a 2nd drive if I had one.

Are you suspecting that my stock ribbon cable is possibly bad? Or, is the 80 wire a cable a new latest-and-greatest gizmo? I would assume the one I have now is 80 wire, right?

Try setting it to cable select and uninstall your secondary IDE channel in the device manager and reboot.

I will do that. What device is on the primary IDE channel normally?

Your hard drive.

Uninstalled secondary IDE channel in device manager
Shutdown computer
Moved jumper to far left (cable select)
Restarted machine, it found the new hardware, etc.
Put in CD with some photos on it and the machine immediately rebooted (with the CD still in the drive). When it came back up, I was able to access the CD and view the files just fine.

So, still the same issue. Any other ideas??

I wandered off a while, so yes, I was thinking your cable might be bad. Rare, but happens. You can see the difference between an 80 wire cable and the old style 40 wire cables here:

Does your ide cable have 1 or 2 places for a drive on it. Which 1 is it on?

It has 2 places. One says Drive 0 and the other says Drive 1. It is currently on Drive 0 which is the one it was on from the factory. If you are going to suggest that I change the cable to Drive 1, then should I use the power cable for drive 1 also?

And, if that is going to be your suggestion, what in device manager, if anything would I do before I power down and swap them?

Thanks for all the help you are giving me, by the way… it is very much appreciated!!!

Power down then change them both to drive 1, leave it as cable select.

Will do.

Changed it from the Drive 0 cable to the Drive 1 cable. When I booted up, I got an error that it doesn’t see anything in Drive 0 or Drive 1. I went into BIOS to check and it doesn’t see it either. I set both IDE drives in BIOS to Auto and then booted into Windows. In this configuration, it doesn’t show up in My Computer or Device Manager now.

Leave your bios at auto switch cable and power back to 0 leave as cable select. If this doe not work next I am going with Kerry on the cable needs replacing.

Will do.