New Samsung PCI-Express SSD consumes 2mW, weighs 6 grams and reads at 1.6 GB/s



We’ve just posted the following news: New Samsung PCI-Express SSD consumes 2mW, weighs 6 grams and reads at 1.6 GB/s[newsimage][/newsimage]

Samsung has started mass production of energy efficient PCI-Express SSDs targeted at thin laptop and Ultrabook usage. The SM951 has specified sequential read and write speeds of up 1.6 and 1.35 GB/s respectively.

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The fact that it’s rated for >2000 MB/s read and > 1500 MB/s write over PCIe 3.0 connections (for sequential access) is amazing to me, considering rotating hard drives can barely reach 1/10th of that maximum speed. I’m quite interested in what this means for sustained random accesses over both PCIe 2.0 and 3.0 interfaces, and I wonder if this will relieve some need for applications to fully load themselves into memory just to maintain decent performance.


Drives like this are what we’ve been waiting for in the stagnant SSD space. Finally free from SATA-3 we can see some incredible speed increases. I don’t think the desktop user will actually see much difference but pretty soon the price difference will be mostly eliminated so there will be no point in selecting the slower drive.


If it can deliver those claims in the real world… Drool

Wonder what its write endurance will be? Will that performance & size come at the expense of longevity?