New Samsung firmwares for the SH S182D

There is a new firmware SB03, but it can only be accessed through their Live Update feature, it is not listed on there firmware site as of yet.

Thanks, their live update caught it for me and updated it just fine. So far no huge improvements in some of the media I’ve tried but doesn’t seem worse either. I need to try some of the media that it HATED to see if it’s helped.

Here it is:

Thanks agent009, it’s always good to have it on hand zipped up.

OT: Agent009 did you just get your Samsung? I hope to see some of your scans soon.

Can someone please send me SB03 to my CodeGuys email address. See contacts on my site. Thanks.

Sent the firmware COdeKing

Thanks MegaDETH, got it. :flower:

[B]Edit:[/B] Also thanks agent009. :flower: He’s a fast download link to SH-S182D SB03:


Just wondering about the firmware being locked. What are the chances someone will
unlock it?

I hope you can enlighten me with some details on this subject even if you would not be the person working on it.

Thanks for any information you can pass along.

I’m working on it but I still can’t get the drive over here yet to run my tests. Not having a tool to recover a dead drive will also make my life more interesting.

This was my reply about this to pchilson: