New Samsung Burner



Just bought a SAMSUNG DVD Burner SATA Model SH-224DB/BEBE ($19.98) from Newegg, just wondering if it does quality scans, no big deal if not, cannot find the info about quality scanning.T.I.A.


Yes. Look at the first post:


[QUOTE=Albert;2744447]Yes. Look at the first post:[/QUOTE]
Thanks Albert , I assume TSST corp, is Samsung?


[QUOTE=durkinjt;2744486]Thanks Albert , I assume TSST corp, is Samsung?[/QUOTE]

You are correct.


Thank You.


You may need to use the registry settings about the String value “Blocked” .

The Samsungs’ don’t read the Jitter but will do the rest of the scan.
Assuming you going to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to do the scans.


Thanks Cholla, what is the procedure to make this change? Not familiar.


It’s in the FAQ thread linked above.


OOPs, Thanks.


Not a problem. :wink: Hopefully it works for you.


Opps for me too .
I forgot to post it was in the FAQ link Albert posted.
Post#3 specifically.
I have two Samsung drives both IDE .
I had to make the registry settings for them to work.
I rarely scan with them though.
I have another drive I usually scan with.
The main reason is it does the Jitter reading too.
I figure if I’m going to take the time to scan I might as well get that too.
I’m not as much into scanning as I used to be.


Yep, I hardly burn disks anymore what with several networked media players out front.
I still have 5 burners in here just because, a BenQ 1655 to scan with and I usually burn with one of my 7260 series Sony Optiarcs. I also have a LG H20L for BD and HD DVD burning or reading seeing how I have both formats and disks here from back during the HD format war. :bigsmile:


Don’t know about the later models, but my Samsung SH-S20x drives drop far fewer samples when scanning DVDs than my similar Lite-Ons.

Average Scanning Interval reported by CD-DVD Speed for the Lite-Ons varies from 1.20 to over 1.60ECC. (IIRC) The Samsungs are normally ~1.10ECC, and can go as low as 1.02ECC.


Sorry, meant a Disk Quality Scan.