New safedisk make me lot's of headaches

Lo all:
I have a 7S series Litey with the last firmware. I have tried to backup FarCry that are supposed to be SD protected game (some 00000000.tem and read errors found). I have made 3 copies, one with clonecd, other with BW 5 and the last using this guide, with cdrecord and readcd In fact, the copy made by clonecd is wrong. If I try to boot the game with it, the cd reads and reads the media in a infinite loop, and my mouse is not working anymore, I need to hit reset, no message is found. The same happends with BW5 copy, and the last made with cdrecord works only in a ACER 24x recorder with hide cdr media. I have tested all cds with my 3 units (see bellow) and a no-name 16x dvd and the 24x ACER. In all drives the same happend (it reads the cd infinitely) except the cdrecord copy and the ACER. Any ideas?

Finally, I put the copy that works on the ACER CDRW drive and put it into my plextor drive, and wait, and wait… 5/10 minutes later I get a message “cd emulation software detected, disable it and try again”, so I uninstalled Clonecd and BW, remove all reg entries I found and try again… wait another 5 minutes and… “Farcry.exe had made and invalid operation and will be closed”.

You could try to use the new Tweaker and disable the Autoplay feature of BW… then your copy will have no emulation software in itself, supposedly.

Acoording to this thread, the problem was that I had clonecd on my system. I have no clonecd, bw and any kind of emulation programs installed, the problem now is thar after 5 minutes I get an error “farcry made an invalid operation and will be closed”.