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Macrovision has released a new version of SafeDisc. Previous versions of this populair copy protection (most of the games are protected with SafeDisc nowadays) have been cracked. Inside cracker…

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will we still be able to use CloneCD to copy these games?


I think so coz the UT cd can be copyed with cloneCD! so I think the new .EXE also works with the copyed cd!


the 4.13 patch for ut works fine with my copied ut disk. clonecd copied that. remember: the people making ut now are using it for their patches. if you don’t have ut copied already, the newer ut disks in the stores might have this new safedisk built into it. we might see this in a few weeks. but if you don’t have ut already than you probably never will.


I thought that SafeDisc used a number built into the CD, that most programs couldn’t copy. If this is the case, then if u already have the game, then update it, how can SafeDisc work?


Yes but the loader on your HD check’s this info from your cd and if good it unpack’s the .ICD and load it. The new version is better protected agains cracking so its harder to make a fixed exe. So if you can use clonecd you can still copy safedisc!


The CD fingerprints keeps the same, only the way for checking if it’s an valid cd has changed! In other words it’s harder to deprotect the .exe now!


Sorry to ask this here guyz but im desperate… can anyone point me to the unreal tournament 413 crack? Ive check the usual sources and it doesnt appear to have arrived yet… but its mentioned in this thread ?!? thx

the 413nocd crack, and it works folks, so not the new protection or its already cracked, wonder wich it is.