New SafeDisc 4 Blacklist

Hey guys,
Little story for you: I brought Pariah (Good game by the way!). Installation went fine. Had a look on the site and downloaded the V1.2 patch. I scanned the game directory before and after with A-Ray, and the SafeDisc version stayed @ 4.00.002. The patch seem to add SafeDisc to a few more files (like 3) though. Right so played the game happily for a little while. The I decided to back it up so I could keep the original in mint condition. I ran it through CloneCD ( all went fine. But when I went to enable ‘Hide CDR Media’, it was grayed out. I rebooted and it was still grayed out. I uninstalled it and reinstalled. I enabled ‘Hide CDR Media’ and tryed to run the game of the back-up. I fired up the game and it stood @ the splash/SafeDisc screen for a good minute and checked the disk. After all that, it displayed a message saying “CD/DVD emulation Software has been detected. Please disable all CD/DVD emulation software and restart the game”. So I disabled ‘Hide CDR media’ and placed the original back into the drive. Still the same message. I uninstalled CloneCD and it worked fine. It seems that Macrovision have Blacklisted the ATIP hider driver of CloneCD. Also I found that AnyDVD driver was missing so I had to reinstall that aswell. Anyone eles had this?