New SafeDisc 2 protection researched

I just posted the article New SafeDisc 2 protection researched.

The guys of CDmate have now also discovered our forum and posted the following information regarding a new SafeDisc 2 protection that appears to be new in Taiwan:

There is an new version…

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algorism? Computation with Arabic figures???

It should probably say Algorithm, sorry about that…

seems like we’re gonna enjoy demon tools more than evah! i must say, clone CD and demon tools combination rox! :7

If not playable then how are we going to play it with the orginal CD? What’s bugging me is that how are we going to know that the protection won’t destroy your CDROM drives?

Quote: “Such game is not suggested to play on a recorder” They mean the original? That’s probably a way to let us think that it’s dangerous to play it from a writer. If a cd can damage a write, then they’ll probably will have some lawsuits on their neck pretty soon!

Will the Plex 24X still be able to handle it OK? Will it still make copies that can be played on all CD-ROM drives?

I am not buying the don’t play this in a writer either. That is ridiculous to think it can damage it.

ha ha ha :4 !!! good joke :+ !!! Clon CD & Clony XL + Plextor 24 it’s ALL YOU NEED !! Lite-On is very good too!! :d GO CD Freaks GO :d

hey Folharth, I just bought 2 games, commandos II and Sub Command and ClonyXL didn’t found 1 protection on these 2 discz… I have used a ultraplex 40cdrom + PW16/10/40, and i copied the game with blindread and clone cd an they work on every cdrom! :8