New rumours: 56/32/56 writers scheduled for this year or 2003

I just posted the article New rumours: 56/32/56 writers scheduled for this year or 2003.

Anonymous writes that the French Blue-Hardware has posted an interesting article on upcoming writer models planned for the end of this year and the beginning of 2003. The author of the article has…

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Faster drives suck by definition…

Hell, I’m reluctant to write any cd over the speed of 16x, if I intend it for a good copy. However, if it’s a quick copy for a lan party, the extra speed could come in handy, but I can’t see the point in going above 48x to save a few seconds, but increase the chance that an exploding cd will make the drive an expensive paper-weight. :slight_smile:

Not the speed scares me, but the inevitable arrival of your horrible reviews with them, hehe, just kidding :wink: I don’t feel the need for 56x. I have a 24x and a 48x, don’t see much difference there. Faster DVD writers, that is what we want :9

Hell, I’m reluctant to write any cd over the speed of 16x, if I intend it for a good copy.
There’s no direct connection between speed and writing quality. If copies are bad at high speeds, than either your writer is crap, or you must use media which is good for high speeds. With the correct writer-media combination, a 48x speed burn will be as good as 16x.

In my opinion, higher is better. I’m waiting for a review of you guys of a 52x writer and a review of the new SONY DRU500A DVD-writer and a review of the new NEC ND-1100 DVD-writer. When can we expect them?

I don’t see any benefits for saving you a few seconds of cdcopy on higher speed writers, unless you’re doing some sort of cdcopy business which makes few hundred copies per day …

Namoh, you can expect them soon!

A drive that sounds like a aeroplane taking off, has the risk of shattering CDs and only decreases the recording speed by a few minutes is not my idea of an upgrade. 12x is good enough for me at the moment.

Weel, I own a SCSI 12x from Plextor. I don’t burn lot of cd. Here in italy is hard, if mnot nearly impossibile, to find and buy good cd-r that support 24x writing. wherevere i’ll buy a 56x IDE cd-r writer, i will have at least three probs: 1) cannot find 56x (!) blank cd-r 2) writing at 56x cav means a top writing speed ranked at 8400 MB/secs. A lot for my hardware… 3) every cd-maker states it implements technology that grant the best writing speed everytime in relation to the quality of the cd and the temperature and so on… this only means you will have 1 full cav 56x burned cd-r every 10 burns. I’d like to buy one of those lite-on 52x, but well my 12432ts from plextor works so fine, and it is scsi. And i don’t want to see a cd-r exploding in my big tower, by the way. :slight_smile:

@DoMiN8ToR [quote] Namoh, you can expect them soon! [quote] Do you mean the 52x writer review(s) or one of the DVD-writer reviews? I’m personally interested in the DVD-writers reviews!! Those babies can write: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW. :9

Well I’m still going strong with my 8x Yamaha. If Lite-On comes out with one in black I’ll buy one but I’m in no hurry to upgrade at this point.

NEW 56x32x56. Featuring a 1 meg buffer and easy cd creator!!! :slight_smile: Anything over 24x is overkill. I am happy with my 12x plex

shug, 8400 MB/sec is a lot for anybody’s hardware! :slight_smile:

Just make sure your system can support the data output needed to write at those speeds… Also, at those speeds you better have a fat wallet cause exploding dics will probably send you to the store to buy another drive! At this point in time faster is indeed better but lets work on new technology not older ones… DVD recording speed should be improved… What would many of you say if they said they improved the read/write speed of the floppy drive? I know I wont be drooling at the mouth for that! LOL… :wink: