New rig. Need help with Lite-on LH-20A1H-185

Okay so i am building my first rig and so far everything has been recognized at by BIOS however my new lite-on drive is not even causing a blip (LH-20A1H-185).
This is how i have it set up in my case:

On the mobo there are two ide inputs I have the port labled IDE 1 connected to my hard drive with its jumper on cs and the other port connected to my lite-on with its jumper on cs. When i go to boot up the mobo doesn’t even see it at all and i can’t install windows. However the drive spins and opens just fine. Is there a problem with my jumpers or should i return this for a replacement.

Try master and slave.

If you have another 80 conductor IDE cable, put the optical drive on the second channel as master.

I think you need a special cable to use cable select.

If I was building a computer it would be all SATA. PATA is so 20th century.