New Rig DVD write speed problems

Try the procedure described here. If it works you shold get a small “floppy” icon in the window title bar that can be used for saving a screenshot in PNG (or JPG) format.

Thanks DrageMester, this worked, but since I have full suite of Nero, did it to the Nero StartSmart icon.

CD Speed looks different and I keep getting Vista warning about about Nero now not compatable for Vista.

On another note:
Does anyone have any idea why create disk max’s out at 12X for MC004?

If I were you, I’d just make a shortcut to the CDSpeed.exe file and use the procedure on that shortcut instead of on the StartSmart shortcut which would affect all the Nero applications started from StartSmart.

There’s a more recent CDSpeed available here (v4.7.5.0).

Went above 16X for a disk created using Nero Create Disk.

Thanks, great suggestion, I’ll do that and try the new version of CDSpeed. :bow: