New Rig DVD write speed problems

I just built a new computer (thanks to advise from forum members).

Intel 6420, MSI P6N SLI Platnium, Windows Vista 64, 2 Gig GSkil DDR2 memory.

I’m running NERO 7.

I have DMA enabled.

I have a Lite-On 165HS and BenQ 1655 DVD writers.

For some reason I cannot get either drive to write faster than 2X.

Help :bow:


I’m using Verbs DVD+R 16X MCC004 & Yuden T02 DVD+R 8X

In another thread, Arachne commented about checking “Current Transfer Mode” , but I need guidance on where to find this.

It’s alright - since you’re using Vista, it already lists the Current Mode (see your first screenie).

In XP’s Device Manager, you have to go to IDE/ATAPI Controllers -> (IDE channels where your burners are) -> Advanced Settings tab, and look at that tab to see the Current Transfer Mode. :slight_smile:

Sadly I can’t help any further though, as I use XP Pro.

Does Nero CD-DVD Speed work with Vista? If so run a Transfer rate test and see what you get. I use XP Pro also.

I’ve narrowed it down.
I think it’s a Nero Recode issue, rather than my computer setup.

When I set Nero Recode to Maximum write speed, for some reason it writes at 2.4X for both drives, regardless of media.

But when I select 16X or 12X for the Verbs, it writes at the speed I selected.

It’s always a good idea to choose the burn speed instead of max :iagree:

According to their website, Nero 7 can run on Vista, they don’t specify Vista 32 or Vista 64.

Transfer rate works fine, create disk, only writes 2.4x for BenQ and 4X for Lite-on.

I usually do, but with a new rig, I just wanted to see if it would run faster (I know it’s FW related, but figured I’d try).

oops i’m sorry i meant a Burst rate test.

Burst Rate is 38MB/sec for the Litey, 23MB/sec for the BenQ.

Hey, I noticed that the Save plot as jpg icon is not available in Nero 7.

Does anyone know where they moved it?, or is it a Vista feature?

I had to Print Screen, paste in mspaint.

I thought a TRT on a Litey would show 16x for DVD-R…all my Liteys do :confused:

Maybe it’s because the disc’s only just over 4 gigs.

Save it to .png it looks better here and also your burst rates are good.

IIRC, the floppy disk “save” icon isn’t present with CD-DVD Speed in Vista.

Ye olde Alt + Print Scrn method, and save as .png as mentioned should do the trick.

I must be blind, I don’t see where I can save it as a .png, just binary, text and html.

Bob_G, see post above yours :slight_smile:

This is not right (you must recode to hard disk first and then burn) :slight_smile: :

That’s what I’ve resorted to, but I paste in MSPAINT and save as jpg.
How can I save as .png??

There should be a more efficient way of doing this.

Does MSPaint not allow you to pick .png in the save options? I usually paste to Paint Shop Pro instead, that lets me save as .png.

Edit: OK, MSPaint does allow you to pick .png in the Save As list.

Is that why setting to Maximum didn’t work??

My bad :bow: