New Ricoh 7200 anyone?



anyone bought/seen in action the new Ricoh 7200 ? (20x10x40)
is this the first burner to go beyond 16x ?
i wander if it can do SD2 copies…


yeah i have this burner…its good.

If u get it, dont update to firmware 1.30
its renders it usless to SD2 and a few other things.

Sorry for bringing this way way old post back up, i didnt look at the date, i was just looking for info on the ricoh 7200.

HEY, at leat i WAS using the search function :stuck_out_tongue:


why bringing up a post of almost a year old?


accident…did a search for ricoh 7200 looking for info…besides…the poor guy is probobly checking his email every afternoon after school, just waiting for someone to tell him its a good burner.