New review at - the Artec WRR-4848

I just posted the article New review at - the Artec WRR-4848.

And yes another new review from our friends over at This time they’ve taken a look at the latest drive from a company called Artec. The drive they reviewed is the WRR-4848 model,…

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Artec does not sound like a “fairly new company”. They have been into optical devices (scanners, cd-rom drives and so on) for years.

Artec didn’t ring a bell with me since I never saw an Artec drive before. I edited the post.

Old or new, don’t care. What I do know is that my Artec DVD drive stopped workin after 3 months. I am now very happy with the replacement drive, a LiteOn :4

the drive comes with a warranty, dansmug. did you get it replaced?