New research claims women buy more tech than men



New research claims women buy more tech than men.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The idea that the fairer sex is clueless about tech just became a little less debatable. New research suggests women are more likely than men to run out and buy the latest new gizmo.

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I dunno. This doesn’t seem right to me. Guys are the tech addicts. Most of the women I know are pretty smart, but they aren’t primary purchasers of tech gadgets. They talk over the purchase with their husbands and then if they decide to buy, it’s the guy who looks for the best price and then goes to pick it up. I’m talking about adults here, though. Not sure how the teens roll.


I don’t doubt it … many women I know are hardcore iDiots that drool over new Apple releases … it’s reached the stage that I need to install a discrete drain in the living room, do funnel all the liquid away during apple commercials.
Combine that with the bunch of clueless women that don’t know anything about computers - trash theirs with virii & malware within 18months, then go looking to buy a new one …

I’m not suggesting I can tar all women with the same brush, but typically most young/middle aged men (<40yrs old) just click with computers, because computers are quite logical … and it seems like only much younger women (<25yrs) that click with computers.

I suspect that’s going to change for the population under 30, because the walled garden that are tablet OS’s mean you don’t need to really know much about computers …
These fandangled mobile technologies are so easy that even my technophobic parents can use iOS and/or Android tablets.

I also don’t doubt that more (younger) women are buying into console gaming, because games developers have been broadened their games target from the “18yr old randy male teenager living in his parents basement with his sock puppet” segment, from womens entertainment, family entertainment, through to the “I’ve never played one those game boxes before” segment - the wii was an absolute breakthrough.

I’m not sure what it’s like in the rest of the world, but the teens/under 25’s in Oz seem to be getting pretty androgynous. I’m sure that flows through to technology also.