New Reports Suggest Napster Is Harmful

I just posted the article New Reports Suggest Napster Is Harmful.

According to new reports from the Recording Industry, CD sales were down a large 39 percent last year.

Other reports learned us that Napster was NOT harmfull for the record industry, and CD…

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Does Napster harm the music industry? Probably. But to a lesser extent than they would have you believe. I am no longer a part of the active CD purchasing market ( being a tad beyond the teen years )but an occaisional buyer, just the same. The music industry has shot its self in the foot. I mean over priced product and manufactured boy bands ( N’Sync etc ) and girl bands ( Spice Girls etc. )leave much to be desired. How many of us have purchased a CD only to find that aside from a couple of songs that the rest is unlistenable crap. Alot, I would suspect. Would you have made the purchase if you knew? Maybe…maybe not. NOw in all fairness, being able to download a song that you would have had to pay for is still harmfull to the RIAA but it is a reaction from the listeners who are sick and tired of over inflated prices. Anyone remember Digital Audio Tapes ( DAT ) they were squashed by the consumers market. Why? Because they RIAA et al wanted copy -protection in the hardware. Or how about VCRs? They created a huge uproar when they were first introduced…Hollywood feared it because people would copy movies…they wouldn’t got to the theater, they said. We’ll the theaters are alive and well after 20 + years and Hollywood is still thriving. Why? Because they adapted and lowered prices on retail movies to make it less attractive to copy…why bother copying it when you could get the movie for a few bucks anyway. A message to the RIAA - talk to the folks in Hollywood - learn from their history. The people who buy your product are trying to tell you something!! Listen…

It’s actually like this, RIAA at first said that CD sales were down a massive 39% but further on they were talking about CD singles. So CD singeles are down 39%. And the sale of CD singles is about 1% of ALL sales. By the way the other 99% went UP. So as usual the music industry is giving us false information but lucky for us we never believe what they claim :wink: