New release of Panasonic BD-R LM-BRS25MP30 and BD-RE LM-BES25P30 30 pack spindles

For those interested in this topic, please note that Panasonic have recently released ‘Made in Japan’ version of the SL disks in both recordable (1x-6x) and erasable (1x-2x) formats. These products have now made their way onto eBay and Amazon. The release comes some months after older 1x-4x SL 30 spindles were discontinued by the manufacturer and prices skyrocketed. Not as cheap as the older spindles used to be up to 2015, however I expect the quality to remain above the other manufacturers.

LM-BRS25MP30 BD-R now has version 1.3 compared to version 1.2 on the older LM-BRS25LT30. Not sure what differences this makes, if you know please reply.

Some more info:

Any idea how long these products stock would last? When heard about the bad news about Panasonic stopping production I picked three spindle of Panasonic BD-R

Considering it’s a new product I’d expect them to be around for a year at least. Normally companies don’t go to efforts of announcing new products if they’re short lived, especially in Japan (I think!).

Panasonic may have ceased production of 4x media and have concentrated solely on 6x for these spindles.

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Were those new medias tested/scanned here or someplace else?

Are their MID known?

[QUOTE=john.doe;2786783]Were those new medias tested/scanned here or someplace else?

Are their MID known?[/QUOTE]
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It should be safe to assume that the MID is the same as their existing 6x BD-R discs (MEIRA1-001), which have been around for some time. Introducing a new code would be madness as no existing drives would support it without a firmware update.

Version 1.3 on the packaging refers to the Blu-Ray disc specification, not the blank discs themselves.

I expect that all Panasonic have done is redesign the label. I would expect the discs to be the same MEIRA1 as before. Hopefully the quality will continue to be excellent.

We have a thread here where members have posted their Panasonic BD-R SL scans.