New recorder: PX-810SA


Wow, what could that be? Pioneer DVR-212 maybe?
(Guessed because it had 10x DVD+/-R DL and only 40x CD-R.)

Yes, it looks like a Pioneer. Dimensions (180mm long, that’s pretty unique) and weight (0.9kg) fit.

A Pioneer rebadged as a Plextor? That’s just so…[B]wrong[/B]. I’ve always for some reason seen Plextor and Pioneer as enemies.

Well, they’re selling out themselves now :frowning:

Let’s hope for a DVD Premium :stuck_out_tongue: Until then, I’ll have to live with my 716s :bigsmile:

Why didn’t Plextor release the DVR-112 as the PX-800A???

:doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

PX-810SA: A great, really great decision! :bow: Thumbs up for Plextor. :flower:


But still there’s a problem: What about “reliable” scanning?

:eek: Look at the different numbers 800/810. Is a PX-810A coming? A DVR-112 PX-810A?

Well the dimensions and specs (writing methods like CAV/PCAV/CLV/ZCLV) are just the same as my Pioneer 112. The tray also seems to look very identical…

Have you noticed? No bulk version.

:confused: I thought the 760A was the DVD premium? At least that was the last drive with all the Plextools stuff.

I meant something like the Plextor Premium, with 8 MB buffer and spikeless burning.
They’d just need to update the 716 design a little bit (with AutoStrategy and stuff like that) and it would be fine. :wink:

Are they having problems with Optiarc already to switch to Pioneer this soon? Or they’ll just sell anything these days?

Maybe the 810 and 800 drives are kind of a Premium and Mid-Value prduct line. (Optiarc fans shouldn’t take this idea as a punch, since Plextor sold even the DW1640 as a mid-line drive)

I’d guess it’s simply because Pioneer made them the cheapest offer.

Pioneer is one of the smaller players in the market when it comes to PC ODDS (their presence in stores where i live is zero). If they can OEM a couple of 100’000 drives extra it’ll probably mean more for them than for a big player like Liteon or LG. So they maybe made an offer the Plextor guys couldn’t refuse :slight_smile:

Also, did you notice they include their PlexTools LE software in the bundle?
Maybe not all functionality in the software will be enabled, but lets hope so!
This should be kind of a ‘premium’ compared to the Pioneer drive (which I just ordered BTW).

It’s a pity that the retail drive looks just like a ‘standard’ OEM drive… Where are the nice retail-bezels Plextor!??

it is not Premium series I’m not gonna Buy this
all I want to plextor launch one more new premium series with Audio Master Quality Recording :bow: :bow: :bow:

That probably won’t happen, but I hope someone else licenses Yamaha’s technology. I doubt I will ever buy a rebadged Plextor. I have a 716A and 755SA now and a few SCSI burners and readers tucked away in the basement. I’ve got a Pioneer 212D, it produces good burns, but it is an average drive. I’ve also got a BenQ DW1640… It is an above average drive. Had no intention of buying the Plextor rebadge of that and the Pioneer is a lesser drive than the 1640.

yes I agree
that was my wish Because we don’t have premium 2 CD-RW US market :sad:

If you look at the product overview, you will notice, that only the original Plextor drives support quality scans.

Plextor has gone crazy. It is no wonder that they are experiencing low sales if they offer the same burners of other manufacturers for higher prices. People have not yet ended dicussion regarding the previous NEC model PX-800 and Plextor releases another burner already.

I would have chosen to pay more for a quality product of which I am sure it will perform perfectly, as I have done with PX-760. Now there is no reason to purchase a Plextor any more if I have to guess what will be there once I open the retail box.

There clearly (still) is a market for Plextor drives. Plextor is an “enthusiast-brand”. Average normal customers (who are unfamiliar with quality scanning etc.) don’t want to pay the premium for a Plextor when they can get a drive for about half the price.

Offering (inferior) rebadges is a really bad thing! It’s sad that the Plextor brand is vanishing. One of my first ODD’s was a Plextor SCSI CD-ROM drive. When you opened the tray it sounded like revvin’ up a chainsaw :bigsmile: but otherwise it performed excellent.

Plextor why not make your own drives… make it Nexperia based and i’m sure you would sell millions :bigsmile: :iagree: