New Reasearch: Alcohol can repair brain damage


Check out the news alkohol can repiar braijn damage

just in tiome for christmas :clap:

great now geno will be drinking MORE!
thanks dean

Can it also cure bad typing? :stuck_out_tongue:

You better hope so :bigsmile:

Runs like hell

Edit: Just kidding :flower: - you know how bad my typing is :wink:

omg this is the best news i heard all day

Did anyone even look at the article???

The article DOES NOT say alcohol repairs brain damage…it says the opposite.

“LONDON (Reuters) - Excessive drinking can damage brain cells”.

Then it goes on the say, “Using sophisticated scanning techniques they showed that after 38 days without a drink the brain volume of the patients increased by an average of nearly 2 percent”.

Read people read…

Actually I don’t drink, and because of alcohol repairs brain damage, I don’t need to drink, because my brain is not damaged

it’s simply absent :bigsmile:

A quick guess would be deanimator being funny.

Hey, maybe just drunk.

Ditto :iagree:

Double ditto :iagree: :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe :bigsmile:

hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Earth to thread, Earth to thread.

The article says “Brain (that abstains form alcohol) can repair alcohol’s damage”

…It does not say alcohol repairs brain damage.

Reading and upstanding is also good for the brain:

Okay…I did not see the joke…my bad.

I guess I’ll slam a half gallon of Everclear so I can understand…

:bigsmile: Just think…if it was really true that alcohol would reverse brain damage…then this sh!t would replace brain surgeons:


I can unequivocally vouch for the fact that ‘Everclear’ does NOT repair brain damage-eh!

Bring In The Beer!!!

However, red wine or beer in moderation can lower your cholestryl levels & reduce stress, hence let you live longer :wink:

There was a time my cholesterol level, blood pressure and stress levels were so low my doctor advised me to get a job!

Yo deano-

[I]Good[/I] one bra -eh!

I always thought it was sex that repaired brain damage from to much alcohol