New reader for nec 2500a

O.k I got the nec 2500a and had some problems reading a few scratched disks. I screwed up and got the lite on hd 166 reader thinking it was also a cd burner (i know what a dumb mistake) ok should I sell the hd 166 and get the lite on ltc 4816ih combo dvd reader cd burner or is the 166 a better dvd reader? I want to be able to read as many dvd’s as possible but burn well too.

Thanks for the help!!!

btw I have a lite on 52246s cd burner but can get all three and 2 harddrivews to work togeather.


I use the 166 for ripping dvds and it works great. Why would you want a cdrw/dvd rom combo drive when you already have the nec 2500 to burn dvd and cd?

I saw in the nec 2500 review that the nec didn’t do too good with copy right games and such. was thinking to get the combo drive(maybe) but most likely will keep it the way it is.