New reader and/or bruner

Hey guys
I haven’t been doing a lot of back-ups lately, but need to get at it.
I currently have an ASUS 50x CD and the Acer 1208A writer.
I was looking at grabbing a Liteon DVD drive to replace the ASUS as it dousn’t do subcodes. For the a little more I can get a 40X Lite-On Burner.
So should I stick with the Acer and get the DVD
Get the Burner and use it for reading and writing?

I’ve been out of circulation and need some quick advice.
It seems the new ASUS burners are top dog, but I haven’t seen any locally. Also the LG seem to be popular, I was a little wary of these as they’re readers are terrible (loud and slow compared to my Asus)

Open to opinions

What is it you backup most?

This is important information for us to know, if you want us to give you advice…

A Ferrari is a great car, but it is not when you want to ship large goods…

Whoops, left that out…

Looking to back-up games etc… (2 kids, things get damaged)
would like to have Securom and SD2 support…

I grabbed my 1208A shortly before the 24x Lit-On’s hit the market

I have a DVD drive, I bought it as a companion for my LiteOn burner. It’s now on the shelf and there are 2 burners in the tower. I use it so rarely, I just stick it in the tower when needed. The 52x LiteOn burner is an awesome reader.