New RC precedes tomorrow's official Firefox 4 release

New RC precedes tomorrow’s official Firefox 4 release.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Release Candidates are the penultimate versions of upcoming software that for all intents and purposes could pass for the final product. Often released after a beta and just prior to an actual unveiling, RCs are relatively complete and representative of the perks new software offers -- as evinced by February's IE9 RC which helped pave the way for Microsoft's official launch of its latest web browser. Over the weekend, Firefox made available its own RC leading up to tomorrow's official release of the browser's fourth iteration.

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I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it seems fine to me.

Does the pop-up blocker in 4 actually work?
Numerous attempts to contact Mozilla about this obvious flaw have led only
to frustration.
Their Corporate Philosophy seems to be if we can’t (or won’t) hear you
all is well.

I’ve been using the RC for a couple of days now. The interface has changed enough to be annoying…trying to use certain features requires looking for them in other spots. Bookmark position is the one that annoys me most. I don’t like looking for controls at the top right.

Other than the user interface, I haven’t noticed anything different.