New Ransomware

New Ransomware Displays Bogus Police Alerts, Requests Payment of a Fine

Ransomware Trojans detected recently in the wild display bogus messages from law enforcement agencies in Europe and ask users to pay nonexistent fines, Microsoft warned

The Trojans are distributed via drive-by-download attacks that are launched from compromised websites. The attack toolkit most commonly used for this purpose is called Blackhole and contains exploits for unpatched installations of Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java and Windows.


Hey stormjumper I was just blessed with this virus and it look real official and mine wanted 300 dollars to get my computer back. It popped up on my desktop as a icon after I downloaded something and I didn’t know what it was so I clicked on it.
Well it controlled the computer and as soon as you started up the computer it froze with this official screen.You can start up in safe mode and delete the infected file and I restored to a earlier time and than ran my anti virus and it seem to have gotten rid of it,but when I was first deleting those downloaded files they kept coming back every time .

You should check those out. :slight_smile:

I guess this ransomware is nothing new nemesis maybe a little more change to it.

but that first one on your post is the one I had

[LEFT]I got one of those years ago that Nortons completely missed. It took me two weeks to finally get rid of it as it hid itself all over the place and would eventually reload itself after I had deleted every instance I found.
It would load all kinds bogus virus valerts and porn pop ups and of course would fix it for a price…
I’m sure this is just the latest varient of that POS that called itself spy fox…
Read up on those links and good luck.