New ransomware promises to donate the $2200 ransom money to charity

We’ve just posted the following news: New ransomware promises to donate the $2200 ransom money to charity[newsimage][/newsimage]

Security researchers from Heimdal Security have discovered a new ransomware variant that promises to donate the ransom money to charity. As usual the ransomware is distributed as email attachment or through unpatched software and once it becomes active it encrypts all kinds of file.

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The good news is that the money will be spent well, the cybercriminals write in their ransom note, “your money will be spent for the children charity. So that is mean that You will get a participation in this process too. Many children will receive presents and medical help!”

And they also provide something in return, “We trust that you are kind and honest person! Thank You very much! We wish You all the best! Your name will be in the main donors list and will stay in the charity history!”
Phew - that’s a relief! One might suspect that they were going to use the money themselves, but if you cannot trust the integrity, honesty and kindness of people holding you for ransom, then who can you trust?!

Don’t worry, it’s for a “good cause”, so I guess everything’s good.