New ransomware ”PowerWare” uses native Windows function to encrypt files



We’ve just posted the following news: New ransomware ”PowerWare” uses native Windows function to encrypt files[newsimage][/newsimage]

A newly discovered ransomware called ‘PowerWare’ uses a native Windows tool to encrypt files. The malware has been discovered by the security researchers from Carbon Black who report ‘PowerWare’ uses the Windows Powershell to encrypt files.

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Unknown invoice in the email requiring the user to enable macros in Word.
That is an awful lot of steps to get activated.

I suggest you take my approach, any unknown e-mail will be deleted without reading it. I know who I communicate with or I don’t read it… In other words, no point in trying to send me one if I don’t know you, and even then I am suspicious.

There is absolutely nothing positive coming from being curious about e-mails.
No-one is going to send you an e-mail offering you anything for free.
Invoices NEVER require macros to be activated.
No-one is going to call you and offer to help with your computer.

If they do, you are about to get butt-fucked. :flower:


As professor Farnsworth would say:

“Good news, everybody! I no longer have to worry about money! I’m going to be set for life, just as soon as I’m finished helping the prince of Nigeria. Ooh, I can’t wait to see that sweet, sweet inheritance money.”

That crazy, loveable old coot.