New PX-740. Problem or not?


I am a new guy around here and first would like to thank you all for this site and support you are giving.

I have bought this new PX-740 (1.00) drive. Now, it is several weeks old. I’ve burned … lets say 20 DVD and 50 CDR’s till now but what I’ve noticed is that 740 can not read some DVD’s I;ve burned with it.

If I try to read with my PX-708 drive (1.08), no problems at all!!! What could this be? Is there a problem? Honestly, I did not noticed it before. I mean, how can it be that the brand new drive can not read DVD’s which he has burned!!!

I said, ok… lets try it now and have burned (yesterday evening) several DVD’s (sony, traxdata…). What happened? Everything was fine! 740 burned the files… and they could be read afterwards… Strange… isn’t it?

Can somebody give me his oppinion on that issue?

And, is there the same functionality on the ejecy button as on px-708?

tx a lot


My opinion is a media issue. :wink:
However, it is difficult for us to understand what’s happening if you don’t give details about the media that gives you troubles. DVD Identifier can help you.
Once you know the exact media code (e.g. TYG01, MCC003, ecc), you can check by yourself in the Black DVD Media Tests subforum how it behaves in various situations.

Unfortunately, both the PX-708 and the PX-740 can not perform quality check tests (unless you want to try something with BenQ firmware that will void the warranty of your 740 drive :bigsmile: ).

About the DVDs you weren’t able to read back with the 740… are they of the same brand/batch of those that you are able to read back now? Or are they different?

And when you say “If I try to read with my PX-708 drive (1.08), no problems at all”, can you be more specific? I understand that you are able to read back them, but in which way? Did you read them back completely, without aborting the process? (you have more chance to get read problems at the end of the process, on the outer part of the disc) Do you notice slowdowns during the read process? Can you try to do a transfer rate test, e.g. using Nero CD/DVD Speed? If yes, do you get a “smooth” curve or do you notice some slowdowns?

Just a bunch of ideas… :slight_smile:

Ah, one last remark: I suggest to apply newer firmware 1.01 to your 740, it fixed some quality problems with 16x burns of MCC004 media.

Welcome to the forums! :smiley:



Hi ET,

your answer(s) are just great!!! I thank you for them.

Ok, true, I did not perporm any of your mentioned tests but I will do them today. I can not say, or better, I (think) I did not notice any slowdown when reading from PX-708 drive but when reading from PX-740 it tries to read, it reads something like 10-20 % of the DVD and then blinks rapidly (something like HD LED blinks…) and says… can not read… bla bla bla…

All this problems occure on the same DVD media.

Thanks anyway for all your ideas. Tonight I will try to test the media, to run NERO DVD Speed test… and to apply the newest FW 1.01 on 740. Then we’ll see…


Hi ET again,

so I updated my PX-740 with the new firmware but still, I can not read from some DVD’s. I made a tests with these tools you’ve proposed and here they are:

You can see the name of the media I was using. I would like to belive that this was the media issue… but I am afraid maybe the drive is ‘gone’.

Can you give me your oppinion?



Moser Baer India produces B-grade media so it could definitely be a media issue. Check out these two thread in our Media Forum for some scans done with media produced by this company:

So, what do you suggest? To burn with 4x speed instead of 8x? Maybe this would improove a burn quality?


I would suggest getting better media :stuck_out_tongue:

You could try lowering the write speed of course but if you have a bad batch of discs, this won’t help a lot. It’s interesting to see that in the graphs you posted the problem areas are both at the same spot (around the 1GB mark). This could be the result of the burn speed but also of bad discs. So in conclusion: try it and find out.

Tx a lot! Which do you recommend? Or should I look around this forum ? :slight_smile:


I think you will find that most members will prefer the following media from:

Taiyo Yuden
Ricoh Japan

For scans of different media types, using Plextor DVD recorders, check out this thread: Post your Plextor DVD quality scans here. Good luck :slight_smile:

Note that Ricoh Japan media (MID: RICOHJPNxxx) is Made in Taiwan. :stuck_out_tongue: