New purchase help needed: Sony 2Mb or Samsung 8Mb

Hi all, I’n newbbie in this forum and i’d like if any of you could help me with the purchase of a new CD-RW writter.
I’m not decided yet between Sony CRX220 (OEM) with a 2MB buffer or a Samsung SW 252B (Box) with a 8MB one :confused: .
I’ve read reviews around the internet and both seems to be good. The Samsung has more buffer memory on his favour (But I’m not sure if with an Athlon XP 2200 plus an ATA 100 HD its is really relevant nowadays), while the Sony has its brand name.

If anyone knows any of this products or could help me with my decission (a hardware comparission review between them would be great), I would appreciatte it.

Thanks in Advance,

Doctor Jones

FYI, the Sony CRX220E1 is a Lite-ON LTR-52246S which is a highly esteemed writer. I would recommend the Sony. The only problem is that it comes with crappy software: B’s Recorder Gold

Thanks for your advice Dave;)