New purchase - DMR-EX95

Just purchased a DMR-EX95 freeview recorder from QVC outlet store for £332. Very nice unit but with some odd features.

Although there is Video Plus there is no PDC at all. If you put a BBC1,2 ITV CH4, or CH5 number in it records from its analogue tuner. If you put in channel 6 or more video plus number it records digital once you have taught it the channel number. All the Videoplus does is to place the timer information into the unit - you then have to add time manually to make sure you get the start and end of the program.

There is no memory position for HDD playback. If you have part viewed something and start to view something else, the point you viewed the first one to is lost and you have to search for it.

You cannot have RBG output and component output set the same time. It’s one or the other. I have my component output going into an AV surround amplifier and the AV1 straight to the telly through scart. That way if I can’t be bothered to switch the AV amp on and set it up I can view straight through the TV. Unfortunately, I have to now watch without the benefit of RGB quality. (i.e. if you set the EX95 to RGB there is no component output).

Unlike my Panasonic TV you cannot switch between digital and analogue. The analogue channels are set to channel numbers 9xx upwards.

I’ll still keep it because of the price. It is replacing DMR-EH80V which does not have a digital tuner (but does have PDC!).


Paul. :doh: