New PSU design

Seems innovative.

There are 370w, 420w, 520w, and 620w versions. Each has five such ports and 2 12v.


What’s the brand? I can’t read it. :slight_smile:

I’ve had the Ultra for about a year now, the modular design is great for cable management.
another brand

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Take a look at this I use these all the time

The brand is “SmartHawk” but I don’t know who makes them. They appeared on recently. About US$65 for the 620-watt model so it’s a cheap brand. I just thought the idea is innovative. I’ve often had to use “Y” power connectors for more 4-pin drives, not elegant.

The Korean characters in the above pictures are just about:

Smart Cable
Dual 12v

Very nice, but perhaps expensive. :slight_smile:

Hmmm I’ve seen such a PSU some time ago, from a somewhat more common brand (don’t remember what brand it was though) and it wasn’t that cheap (about €130 for a 400W model I believe). The idea is good though, it’s the perfect way to get rid of useless cables in your case. I once thought of modding my own PSU like that, but I never did so. Too much work :wink:

Those are modular drives, many brands have introduced them over the last year. Although most of them start at 100€/120$. Some have a connector for almost each line (molex, FDD, ATX-plug, etc.), these seem to have a lot less. For example:

I have the 500w xconnect psu, it has the modular cable design but the power cables are thick and it can get in the way!!!

420 watt, 14A and 12A 12v, 2 year warranty, etc. for about US$40.


2 820uF, not as good as many good PSUs but good enough for such cheap models.

With Zalman 7000B.

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Ive got a pair of these 580w bad boys

as far as im aware modular supplies have been out for a while now

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BTW, there is a very useful PSU overview, “Good/Bad PSU’s” posted here

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In my current setup I have a pair of Hiper 580’s for £130 (£72 each originally)
Not that much for what you get & had them about 6 months

:eek: damn!!! that’s one mean looking psu!!! :smiley:

my psu

Perhaps it was “new” to me because I usually look for PSUs that cost under US$30 to US$60-70 (South Korean price which is usually double the US price for PSUs.) Though I paid about US$200 for a used 550 watt Antec and I have redundant PSUs as well, I don’t hesitate to recommend a US$8 PSU to most people. So what’s new is just a cheap PSU that uses “modular” power plugs. The PSUs described in the first post also have a cable that allows users to listen to CD Audio in a CD/DVD drive without turning on the PC.