New PSU and CPU

looks like my PCU may have burnt out:bigsmile:
but my PSU is definately gone, ya see, i moved the switch at the back of my power unit (my pute wouldn’t turn on and this was a last chance to get it working) and to my surprise it flew a large spark:o

any recommendations on what PSU to get (at least 350w)
or any sites where i can find out about my warranty on my PCU:D
my PCU is an athlon xp 1800+

Tell me you didn’t sign up as a different user name so you can post a new thread from the previous one you made.

Antec PSUs are very good and quiet. You should pickup one of their True380. But then the money is yours, just look up 3.3v, 5v, and 12v ratings on whatever PSU you’re gonna get and compare them to Antec PSU ratings.

:stuck_out_tongue: I was using my mate’s username; hornster, hehe:bigsmile:
but i decided to get my own username cos i have got another computer (now i have 2) and loads of stuff is going wrong:(

I searched the net, and found that the strange noises the 'puter was making BEFORE THE PSU BURNED OUT:a :a :a are BIOS beep codes
a web page gave me a list of different beep codes, how do I know which one my motherboard has??:confused:

       :cool: I have an Epox motherboard 8RDA:cool: 

I also heard that the problem could be RAM
this worried me because I have 3 Ram sticks that are all different speeds, if this is the problem why did it not cause a problem while it was working:confused:

One of my computers is working fine now, since I installed the latest graphics card drivers for my hercules kyro2, just needs a better soundcard but that can wait

                                  thanx guys

Each beep-code means a certain error. As you don’t have a working PSU now, we’d better solve that problem first, before speculating on possible hardware failures.

A good PSU? Antec, Zalman, Enermax, Coolermaster etc etc… Those are all good PSU’s. Just take a look at the specs and see what you like best.

the 8RDA has a diagnostic LED in the bottom right corner of the board as well that’ll give a specific post code as to what error u have. u can look up all the post codes in the board’s manual.

btw, it’s called a “cpu”, not a “pcu”. :bigsmile: