New PS3 firmware adds Blu-ray Profile 1.1 & DivX support

I just posted the article New PS3 firmware adds Blu-ray Profile 1.1 & DivX support.

With the Xbox 360 supporting DivX since its recent update, it didn’t take long for Sony to add this feature to its own PlayStation 3 console series with the launch of its latest firmware update…

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Excellent piece of news. I bought one of these for my daughters xmas. It’s great that it will support the new Blu-ray 1.1 profile and impressive that it will at last support DivX file playback. :slight_smile:

It’s cute that both camps work so hard to add minor features that I don’t care about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hurrah! I tested the DivX function last night and found no problems. It played 99% of the files I threw at it with no sync problems. It was able to stream files from the PC with no stutter. Thanks Sony, this is probably the most useful update yet. Voice changer was fun but pointless, can see it getting really annoying with hoards of Chipmunks in the online games.

Hi guys, does anyone knows if this update supports external subtitles, e.x. .srt files? I live in Greece and this would be very useful. thanx in advance… sorry for any mistakes in my english.