New protocol will allow anonymous file sharing

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electrician123 used our newssubmit to tell us about an intresting article on reporting about new software to be released by Hacktivismo, a politically minded offshoot of the long-running…

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Child porn traders need to be beat to death in the streets & dragged behind a car by their testicles.

This isn’t exactly new. It’s 16 year old technology that is finally been put to use.

Seriously, how can people getoff from looking at children? That is Sick@!@!@!@!!

i think if we give up privacy to eliminate child pornography we are just opening the doors to a world with less and less privacy everyday.

I think ewker is right

people c’mon… child porn is not even 1% of all movies that are being shared… you can’t stop everything ya know. i’m happy with this technology!

Child porn users should be shot on site. But they only make up a tiny portition of file shares and if we removed that they’d only find some other way of swapping material.

new protocol, needs all new drivers/technology? and cooperation of isps? curious

Gnutella is also a protocol, so is http/ftp/ssh etc. You will only need the software that’s all…

you cant remove everyones privacy yo deal with a tiny minority, much less than 1% of internet users. But the music industry will try their damndest to outlaw this technology