New protective conformal coating for motherboards

ASRock has a new coating that supposedly protects motherboards from dust, corrosion, extreme heat, and conductive liquid spills:

I’m still wondering why one would want to eat clam chowder while working on a motherboard.

Yoj, you’re so silly! It’s not clam-chowder i was eating - it was hot-sauce and chips. Oh, and guacamole. There remains a huge debate on the actual reason the fire started, though. I voted “chips” because they were baked (dry tinder, therefore) although others claimed the lightning bolts streaking outward were likelier caused by more fluidic substances. No one ever mentioned the tequila, by the way. Shhh… or the fact that our visual acuity might have been significantly impaired during those long hours.

Anyway, I’m soooo certain that we’ll probably test out these ASROCK’s for exactly that possibility.

Clam chowder, eh? Manhattan or New England style? Or is that like asking about African swallows?

The one thing that I didn’t think of, which I should have earlier, was that if this coating works it would be handy for overclockers who water cool.

I did see the note about the condensation issues. Most of that should originate when the tubes’ fluid temps are so much cooler than the outside air temp - which is still inside the case. I’m not sure what the ‘dewpoint’ is for condensation inside a Computer Case vs. the Liquid Cooler’s hoses.

Then of course, once these are launched into space, there’s a whole other condensation effect. What’s the saying, “In space, no one can hear you sweat?” Well, something like that…

I think that pix probably didn’t have the ASROCK color coordination either.

And how does this special coating affect hay dissipation?
Is it biodegradable? Because in 5 years, it’ll be sitting in the junk yard like so many motherboards before them … No matter how long that coating lasts. ?.


“This allows more drippings to co-exist with your running computer!”

Oh yeah - a great advancement! Like one of those li’l snips.

This idea might not be that bad. I did a computer build many, many years ago and left a loose screw inside the case. It eventually worked its way to making a short circuit on the mother board which killed it. This coating would have likely prevented that short. I have to admit though that I wouldn’t make this coating a deciding factor for purchasing a motherboard unless I planned to water cool.

Here’s the ASROCK video showing how effective this coating can be, and I can see how this birdbath alignment would be wonderful in our gardens.

It’s obviously set at a very specific angle, with just a certain amount of waterflow. Hubby does this all the time with our rock-pillar fountains, and the birds, the squirrels, butterflies, bees - they all love 'em. I just never thought that I could set up a motherboard, some kind of desk-stand and a monitor out there for everyone’s enjoyment! What a great idea.

“Is that a birdbath or a computer? Floor wax? Dessert topping?” What WILL they think of next?!!

Of course, another idea - use these over the aquarium as a bubble-oxygenator, too. Keep those guppies perky!

Anyone have any luck teaching insects, birds or other critters how to compile? Or maybe how to run Video-Edit macros? All they’d need to do is hit a few certain keystrokes in a few proper sequences. Boy… if ONLY I had touch screens! Er, lick screens? Land-on screens?

I wonder if wing-flicks count as ‘touch’?