New Protection Scheme - HexaLock

Looks like another protection that CCD won’t able to copy :a
Info @

It’s been out for over a year and so far there are no known game titles with this protection.

That’s good 2 hear… :cool:

Nice looking website…is anything protected with this…just curious…

Lately in the US…new titles have had no protection…Spiderman, SS:SE, JK2, SOF II and many just using serial…wonder if the cost is making it not worth it…HAHAHA …right LOL

I know I just gave few titles

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Lately in the US…new titles have had no protection…Spiderman, SS:SE, JK2, SOF II and many just using serial…wonder if the cost is making it not worth it…HAHAHA …right LOL

I know I just gave few titles [/B]

Protection is not only annoying for the customer, but expensive as well (ask Macrovision for their pricelist).
Maybe the publishers start to get reasonable? I still have hope…

Also SafeDisc is not very protective, so even if the game maker brought it, it is not very helpful… also people are having trouble with Safedisc on some orginal game discs, maybe that’s why this is happening :wink:

I have a Hexalock protected CD - Hexalock Demo CD v2.1 .

The drives they use suck. “The CD writers we chose, Teac, Plextor and Matshita, are the most powerful drives in the market in terms of overcoming the copy protection systems”

Are they high? These are some of the WORST drives out there in terms of beating a protection. Why didn’t they have the Liteon’s, Asus’s etc (2 sheep burners)? I think they found out these drives beat their protection. So they used the teac/plex/matshita crap drives (I know plex is quality…but crap for beating protections).

No worries over this protection anyway. Nobody uses it. Even so, if it was that good, they’d surely use a liteon to prove its worth. I’m sure they frequent these forums to keep tabs on what all of us are doing…LOL


OK Imagine,

How good is Hexalock then? (vs. other protections)

Originally posted by AtomicX
[B]OK Imagine,

How good is Hexalock then? (vs. other protections) [/B]

Hey I have a couple CDs with Hexalock protection. The darned protection is so good the CD won’t run in my computer with a Lite-On drive!

Can anybody give advice on copying it and making it run?

CD Titles?

The CD titles are Otzer Poskim and I can’t remember the other right now. Not run of the mill stuff but some pricey stuff I would well like to be able to back up. Well actually run for that matter:-)


Hexalock has not been used on any commercial game title.

Yup, this is again one of those protections that would require some ISO patching before a backup can be made - this is due to the wrapper encryption via decoding from secure blocks on the disc.

I believe this is roughly the same principle as Star-Force, therefore the problem is not the extraction of these sectors, it is the extraction of the digital signature contained in the data preparation sector of the CD.

It shouldnt be too long before the boys figure out a way to extract this key, if it can be read by the PC, it can be written! :slight_smile:


here is what they say on their site:
"HexaLock CD-RX System Requirements

Windows operating system, Win 95 or higher.
Multi-session compatible CD Reader/Writer.
AutoLock Protection Suite.

Recommended CD writers and Duplicators

Plextor, Teac, Ricoh, Lite-on, Yamaha, Matshita
RimageProtégé II Duplicators - Production Plug-in Available

Technical Spec

Recordable Disc Capacity
670 MB

Maximum Recording Speed

Average Authentication Time
< 500 ms

Installing the HexaLock AutoLock Protection Suite and Creating Protected CD-RX Discs

Insert the HexaLock Demo CD (ver. 2.5 and above) into your drive.
Go to ‘Auto-Lock docs and downloads’. Select ‘Driver Downloads’. The Gear drivers installation will start immediately. (NOTE: Any previously installed versions of Gear drivers or HexaLock AutoLock Utilities must be uninstalled before installing this latest version.)
Restart your computer in order to complete the Gear installation.
Go to ‘Auto-Lock docs and downloads’. Select ‘AutoLock product downloads’. The AutoLock Suite’s installation will start immediately. Choose “Typical” install configuration and follow the on screen instructions to install the HexaLock AutoLock Utility Suite.

Using HexaLock AutoLock Wizard to Create Protected CD-RX Discs

From the HexaLock Program File Directory just created, open the AutoLock Wizard.
Insert a blank CD-RX disc into your burner.
Select the Input directory that contains all the files that you want to burn to the CD-RX, including the .exe files to protect.
Choose the files to protect.
Customize the title properties and then select “Create a copy protected CD-RX”
It is also possible to burn content on CD-RX discs using the AutoLock Utility. Please refer to the AutoLock Utility manual for detailed instructions"

I reckon this is based on unreadable sectors, like SafeDisc and Smarte. I dont understand why they would put recommended hardware guide on how to copy their own investment??

Im off for 2 week vacation, so let this be my last post, and i hope i come back refreshed, a higher IQ and a lowered stupidity, sunny spain here i come lol.

but the securom protection as a 25 digit serial emmbedded in the program. No need to inout it and no way to find it.