New protection or just Key2Audio?

I have an audio cd which has been released in europe but not in the us, and it seems to be protected by Key2Audio since its:
a) Marked with “Can’t be played on PC/MAC” on the cover back and on the disc itself.
b) It has an extra data track, non visible

However, i wasn’t able to find the ‘significant’ marks on the disc, as a Key2Audio should have, but i guess not all discs have that.

Now, with my NEC CDROM 40x i can’t even read it ie. i will get ‘Bad read sector *’ etc in CCD, i’ve tried several programs and tweaks but it just wont cut it. I assume this drive just wont have what it takes to read protected discs.

I also tried it on an AOPEN CDROM 48x and it will let me create an image in CCD but the results when i extract the tracks (in CDMage) are horrible, all tracks have pops/skips coming in intervals. Does this mean the AOPEN will never read the disc properly or is there a way to go around it? I haven’t tried ClonyXXL + CCD on this particular drive yet, just the NEC above.

From earlier posts and comments, i reckon i should get any new Plextor Reader/Writer to solve this? Or is there another way to solve this with the AOPEN?
If the best solution would be getting a Plextor drive or a DVD drive, please recommend any new model that will work.

Thanks in advance