New Protection on WB's Guardian?



Running AnyDVD 6454 I cannot successfully backup Guardians, 2006, DVD release date July 15, 2008, Lightyear Studio, Warner Bros label, for PC play. The flic is in 16X9, but in explorer it shows as 4:3 when checked with GSpot, a codec checker that also displays aspect and other parameters. A backup copy will play on standalone as 16X9, but on two diff PC’s will only play 4:3. Both PC’s are XP Home SP2. Initial readout in AnyDVD was no structural protection, but heuristic scan showed structural protection. Logfile attached. Unless a first rate flic I watch movies on my PC! (My log may show that my AnyDVD is not yet registered. I have AnyDVD active on a 2nd PC and not yet installed key back to this one yet. I cut out autostart in other PC so I CAN key this one! Done!)


You are better off posting this at the official Slysoft forums as the devs hardly check this forum anymore.

Having said that, this disc doesn’t even have CSS on it. As far as I can tell, everything is 16x9 except for the menus and maybe some sort of extra.

It sounds like a problem with the program playing your DVD. As you said, the backup copy plays fine in the standalone at 16x9 but it does not on the computer. Try playing it with MPC or VLC.


Thanks, I already have sent email to slysoft support. Same results in any player on THREE PC’s. Yes, all in 16X9 until the PC enters the equation! I imagine it’s to keep peeps from having a useful copy! I also expect to see more in the future along this line! ARRRGH!